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    Luggage Wrapper

Luggage Wrapper is designed for wrapping of single items such as luggage and boxes. It's especially suitable for luggage wrapping at airports, stations and hotels to protect luggage from damage and mishandling. Luggage holder could be adjusted to hold the luggage according to their sizes. The machine automatically senses luggage height with a photocell and finish the wrapping accordingly.

Product advantage
  • Mainly used for luggage wrapping at airports
  • Elegant look, easy to operate
Product resources
The main performance parameters


01.Luggage Size:                        L(400-1000) X W(180-600) X H(300-850)mm.

02. Turntable Speed:                  25rpm.

03.Loading Weight :                   110kg Max.

04. Carriage Type:                       powered per-stretch 250%

05. Carriage Speed:                    3m/min.

06. Power:                                 1PH220VAC, 50Hz,20A, 1.0Kw.

07. Dimensions:                          L165 X W650 X H1480mm.

08. Machine Weight:                    220kg.  



♦  缠绕规格 :L(400-1000)* W(180-600) * H(300-850)

♦  转台速度 :25rpm

♦  转台称重 :110kg max

♦  膜架系统 :动力预拉伸膜架250%

♦  膜架升降速度:3m/min

♦  电源/功率:1PH 220VAC 50HZ 20A 1.0KW

♦  外形尺寸 :L1625*W650*H1480

♦  整机重量 :220KG

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