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    Fully Auto Orbital Wrapping Machine

Horizontal Wrapping Machine is designed for stretch wrapping of bar type products which also require higher wrapping speed. The machine could be custom engineered according to specific products and different field requirements .

Product advantage
  • Ideal for wrapping of long profiles such as aluminum profiles, tubes & boards
  • Automatic clamp & cut film
  • Can be used for film banding
Product resources
The main performance parameters



*PLC control, touch screen user interface.

*Rotation speed and conveyor speed variable, overlapping width could e adjusted according to requirements.

*Pneumatically driven pressing devices effectively hold the  products during wrapping.

*Photocell automatically senses the products and starts wrapping. Auto film clamp & Cut.


01.Ring Diameter:       600mm.

02. Wrapping Size:     350X350mm.

03.Wrapping Length:   More than 700mm.

04. Rotation Speed:    30 - 80RPM variable.

05.Conveyor Speed:    5-8m/min variable.

06. Conveyor Length:  customization.

07. Power:                 1PH220VCA, 50/60 Hz 20A

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