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    Fully-auto Pallet Wrapper & Top Sheet Dispenser
    MP303 + MPD17

MP303 Fully Auto Rotary Wrapper+MPD17 Top Sheet Dispenser are conveyorized machines for automated unmanned packing lines. Controlled by the same control system. pallets can be automatically wrapped and covered on the top simultaneously to be protected against dust & moisture, and achieve perfect exterior looking, This system has now been widely used to enhance work efficiency, reduce labor cost and raise packing grades, in industries such as chemicals, electric & electronic, food & beverage,

Product advantage
  • Automatic film wrapping after stacking, prevent product fallen off during transport & storage
  • Can do top sheet cover according to actual needs
  • Heavy duty turntable to handle loads over 2000kgs
Product resources
The main performance parameters



*Two working mode choices: wrapping, or wrapping with top sheet dispensing.

* Automatic stretch film apply & cut, pneumatically driven. 

* Swing ring structure turntable for a quieter operating environment and increase reliability.

*Powered pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250%.

*Automatic wrapping according to pre-set parameters. Friendly user interface for setting wrap cycles, top/bottom cycles & film tension.

*Auto film brushing unit filed to make sure film clicking to the pallets perfectly after cutting.


01.Pallet size:                                      L(800-1200)mm X  W(800-1200)mm

02. Wrapping Height :                           2000mm/2400mm

03.Loading Weight :                             2500kg.

04. Packing Speed:                             30 - 45 loads/ hour.

05. Turntable Speed:                            0-15rpm, speed variable, turntable soft start & soft sotp.

06. Turntable Height:                            550mm.

07. Air Pressure:                                 0.4-0.7Mpa.

08. Cut Method:                                   heater.

09. Carriage Speed:                             5m/min.

10.Top dispensing Unit Lifting Speed:   123m/min. 

11. Top sheet Puling Speed:                 12m/min

12. Top Sheet size:                              Width 1800mm, Length variable

13. Control system:                              PLC.

14. Working Mode:                               fully automatic unmanned.

15. Power:                                           3PH380VAC, 50/60Hz,20A

16. Machine Weight:                             1800kg. 

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