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    Fully Auto Pallet Wrapper

MP303 Fully Auto Pallet Wrapper is conveyorized machines for automated unmanned packing lines. Controlled by the same control system. pallets can be automatically wrapped tobe protected against dust moisture, and achieve perfect exterior looking, This system has now been widely used to enhance work efficiency, reduce labor cost and raise packing grades ,in industries such as chemicals, electric electronic , food beverage paper making etc.

Product advantage
  • Automatic film wrapping after stacking, to prevent product fallen off during transport and storage
  • Speed over 45 loads/hour
  • Heavy duty turntable for loads over 2500kgs
Product resources
The main performance parameters


>> This is conveyorized wrapper for automated unmanned packing lines.
>> PLC controlled, pallets can be automatically wrapped and covered on the top simultaneously (optional) to be protected against dust & moisture, and achieve perfect exterior looking.
>> Automatic stretch film clamp & cut, pneumatically driven.
>> Automatic film wiping device to stick film to pallets after wrapping.
>> Independent electric box with touch screen interface as standard option.
>> Film tension, turntable speed, carriage speed & conveyor speed adjustable.
>> Power stretch film carriage, ratio 250%, film savings.
>> Hardened ring bearing structure turntable for extra heavy loads, more reliable, and lower noise level.
>> Troubleshooting shown on the screen.

Turntable diameter: 1800mm, with motorised rollers
Turntable speed: 3 - 15rpm, soft start & stop
Turntable height: 456mm
Max load weight: 2500kgs
Wrap height: 2100mm
Wrapping settings: wrapping cycles /top wraps /bottom wraps /overwrap
Carriage speed: 5 meters/min max
Conveyor speed: 3 – 12 mts/min
Clamper type: scissor type clamper
Cutter type: instant heater
Turntable motor: 0.75kw
Pre-stretch motor: 0.2kw                         
Carriage lifter motor: 0.37kw
Conveyor motor: 0.75kw
Power supply: 3PH 380VAC, 50/60Hz
Air pressure: 0.4-0.7Mpa
Film type: stretch film thickness 17-35microns, width 450-500mm, paper core 76mm, max weight 18kgs

1. Turntable diameter 2000mm and/or wrap height 2400mm, 2600mm, 2900mm.
2. Touch sreen user interface and/or standalone electric box.
3. Safety fencing for better protection of operators.
4. Infeed/outfeed conveyors.
5. MPD17 Top sheet dispener system to wrap the top of pallets.

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